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This is what the Flyers would look like if they were an NFL team

The football team, the Flyers

Graphic designer Jimmy Nutini has a beautiful new series where he made NFL uniforms in the style of every NHL team. They are absolutely incredible, and the attention to detail on his work is just fantastic.

Take, for example, his version of the Montreal Canadiens. The “CH” logo stands for “Canadiens” and “hockey”, respectively, and in his version, he’s changed the H to an F. You know, football.

The Canadiens, if they were a football team.
Jimmy Nutini

If you look closely, he’s also made the “NHL” patch say “NFL,” and on the red version of his Canadiens look, he’s made it the French version, “LNF”.

The Flyers one is a disappointment to me though, honestly. I feel like it could use a little more black, or maybe a little less of the rounded shoulders. I feel like the best ones are the ones that use clean lines and stripes. Or maybe, as FGSB points out, I hate this because it makes us look like the damn Cleveland Browns.

Jimmy Nutini

These are all slick as hell, though. Just amazing work here.