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Friday Morning Fly By: Good riddance, this season.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

*And so we've finally made it to the end of a no-good, very bad hockey season. The Flyers will wrap up this garbage fire with two games this weekend: a Saturday afternoon meeting with the Blue Jackets and a Sunday evening game with Carolina. Have fun, kids.

*Looking for something else to do this weekend? Go check out some fun Hockey Stuff at the Wells Fargo Center. [Flyers]

*Dave Poulin remembers Ilkka Sinisalo, his friend and teammate. [CSN Philly]

*So most of the Philadelphia sports teams are garbage right now. How do you sell that to fans? []

*There are a lot of really weird illnesses going around the NHL recently, and as we saw with poor Michal Neuvirth, the Flyers haven't been able to avoid them. [Courier-Post]

*Flyers prospect Mikhail Vorobyov might be closer to making the move from Russia than we thought. [Sons of Penn]

*Hey T.J. Brennan has made the AHL First Star team! Woo! [Phantoms]

*So you think Mike Babcock is a lock for coach of the year? [Puck Daddy]

*This is fun: making a full roster of the players that blended dirty play with very high skill better than anyone else. Hi Pronger!! [The Hockey News]

*Speaking of dirty players, gross Brad Marchand will only sit two games for his spear to the nuts the other night. God his face is so punchable good lord. [Puck Daddy]

*And finally, we might see what Adidas will bring to the hockey jersey table at this year's draft. [Icethetics]