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Answering your Flyers questions: Bill Matz talks salary cap, the No. 2 pick, beer and more

The latest in our series of Saturday morning Q&A sessions on Facebook.

Posted by Broad Street Hockey: For Philadelphia Flyers Fans on Saturday, 13 May 2017

We’re turning this into a little Saturday morning tradition. Bill Matz made some coffee and sat in his living room (?) in South Jersey this morning, talking to you about the Philadelphia Flyers. Thanks to all of you who asked questions over on Facebook and Twitter and joined the conversation.

Here’s a rundown of Bill’s chat this morning:

  • 2:30: What Bill’s house smells like.
  • 3:00: The expansion draft and the salary cap outlook.
  • 6:18: Shayne Gostisbehere’s fresh, upcoming new contract.
  • 14:30: The Flyers goalie situation, and Neuvirth going to Vegas.
  • 18:28: “If Vegas takes Andrew MacDonald, that solves like four problems for the Flyers.”
  • 20:00: More on the goalies, and getting an older guy in as a mentor for Stolarz or whoever the hell else.
  • 24:02: Free agent moves?
  • 29:00: “The Capitals should trade Alex Ovechkin.” Oh, Bill.
  • 34:52: “I’m pretty seasonal with beers. I drink only Landshark from May to August.” IPAs ..... don’t read this.
  • 37:19: Did Everett’s system inflate Carter Hart’s numbers?
  • 47:04: They’re a borderline wild card team, and the goaltending is what makes the difference.
  • 52:04: Somebody actually asked if the Flyers should trade Ivan Provorov.
  • 56:10: Power play talk. Lots of power play talk.
  • 59:15: Goal song talk. Bill sung his recommendation. Bill was singing. Just skip to here.
  • 1:03:20: Sean Couturier’s production and what we should ideally expect for him.
  • 1:06:00: What is Oskar Lindblom’s ceiling?
  • 1:09:18: The potential of Ron Hextall making moves to make room for kids.
  • 1:12:41: Center depth vs. winger depth, and how that impacts the draft lottery.
  • 1:14:21: Who will be the next Flyer who gets his number retired? (Hint: 88.)

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