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Tuesday Morning Fly By: It's Tuesday and we still have the #2 overall pick.

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

*So you've won the number two overall pick in the NHL entry draft. Now what do you do? [BSH]

*If the Experts' opinions are any indication, there's a slightly great chance we end up with Nico. []

*One thing is for sure: whoever we get with this pick is going to seriously alter the timeline this team has been working on. In a good way. [CSN Philly]

*Ever wonder exactly how the NHL handles the draft lotto? And doesn't mess anything up? Wonder no more, friends. [Sportsnet]

*If you've been watching the Pens-Caps series as closely as I have, you're probably also really glad the Flyers didn't make a move for Kevin Shattenkirk. [The Washington Post]

*The "NHL in Seattle" rumors are still alive and kicking. They might not have gotten expansion but they may end up with a team after all. [King 5]

*This is a fun off-season topic: what's the best single-game performance by an unlikely hero that you can think of? I'm going with Carbomb's playoff OT game winner against the Devils. That was fun. [The Hockey News]

*And finally, new BSH Radio today! Listen here before the episode officially drops at 10AM.