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Breaking NHL Draft news: Nolan Patrick likes cheesesteaks but somehow not pizza

As we move closer and closer to draft day, new information has been revealed about a top prospect that could potentially change everything

USC v UCLA Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

At 10:01 am EST, the Courier Post’s Dave Isaac published an article titled FLYERS: If injuries shape Nolan Patrick’s draft status, ‘so be it’.

I highly recommend you read it. There’s a lot of interesting stuff, strengthening Patrick’s stock as a mentally strong athlete who has simply had some bad luck with injuries. It attempts to wipe away some of the doubt fans might have about the Wheat Kings’ top prospect.

Where the story really picks up, however, is nearly at the end of the article. Way to bury the lede, Isaac:

The teenager that somehow doesn’t like pizza — he likes the individual parts, he says, just not the combination — is down with cheesesteaks.

“Love ‘em,” Patrick said.

It cannot be overstated how important this new detail will be come June 23rd. While it’s true that the Flyers are largely at the whim of the Devils when it comes to who they select, with the knowledge that Patrick is a cheesesteak fan now firmly in the front of their minds, they might start to hope that the Devils pass on him.

Nolan Patrick 2017 scouting report | SB Nation NHL Draft Match

OK, Flyers fans: ❤️ or on Nolan Patrick?

Posted by Broad Street Hockey: For Philadelphia Flyers Fans on Monday, May 15, 2017

When writing my draft analysis article, the thought of cheesesteaks didn’t once come into a play. It was a complete oversight, and I apologize for my lack of vision. However, with this breaking news, I’m forced to reconsider the position I came to at the end of my piece. Patrick and Hischier were neck and neck throughout most of my evaluation, and now, I believe I might have to give the edge to Patrick. The strength of character is plain to see here, and it’s not something the Flyers will be able to pass up should he fall to them.

Not to be lost in the glitter of the “Patrick likes cheesesteaks” headline, the revelation that Patrick doesn’t like pizza is a game-changer. Philadelphia craves athletes who are focused, dedicated, and devoted. What’s more devoted than a guy who prefers cheesesteak over pizza? If the Flyers are able to snatch Patrick at two, it’s unlikely he’ll ever leave the city. No one does cheesesteaks better, after all.

So while Patrick has seemingly fallen behind in the minds of national scouts and reporters alike, it’s evident that Philadelphia scouts will definitely be hoping he slips to them at two. That is, until we find out what Hischier’s views are on the seminal sandwich of the city.