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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Oh hey, we're talking about Nolan Patrick again.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

*Ivan Provorov! I miss the Flyers. Here's Ivan talking about his first season in the NHL. [Flyers]

*Six Flyers ended up with medals at the IIHF Worlds tourney which is pretty cool. [Flyers]

*So, does anyone honestly care about what happens to Mike Vecchione? [CSN Philly]

*Nolan Patrick seems like he'll be fine with being a Flyer if the hockey gods drop him down from #1 overall to #2. [Courier-Post]

*The Flyers have lost a dude to Sweden. Hate when that happens. [Highland Park Hockey]

*We actually learned a very important fact about Patrick in the above-linked article: kid likes cheesesteaks. He'll fit right in, which is good since he's absolutely the one we are getting. [BSH]

*Hmm is parity actually bad? Maybe you miss seeing the Blackhawks in the final every year I don't know your life. [Puck Daddy]

*If you were handing out the Conn Smythe, who'd you give it to? At least ten guys are making a solid case for winning it. [Puck Daddy]