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Why I’m a Flyers fan: The 1997 Stanley Cup Finals

The Flyers’ run to the Stanley Cup Finals put hockey on my radar for good.

Rod Brind''amour Getty Images

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Hockey wasn’t on my radar at first when I was younger. The Eagles were the only Philadelphia team that my parents went out of their way to watch on a regular basis, though I certainly attended my fair share of “pick your own section” nights at the Vet to see the awful Phillies teams of the late 90s. But the Flyers were just a team that played a sport I didn’t care about, with most of their games on a channel (PRISM) that we didn’t have at my house.

That all changed in 1997, when the Flyers went on their playoff run to the Stanley Cup Finals. I don’t remember rounds 1 & 2 especially well, but I remember my mother pulling me into the living room to watch the conference finals against the New York Rangers, which was my first real introduction to the sport. I knew the big names already, just from hearing kids discuss them at school — Eric Lindros, John LeClair, Rod Brind’Amour — but it was the speed of all the players when watching live that really hooked me in. I was truly sold after Game 4, when Lindros scored with less than 10 seconds remaining in regulation to give the Flyers a 3-1 series lead. At the time, I didn’t realize the impact of the goal, or the unlikelihood of a playoff game ending like that. All I knew was that it was action-packed, and I wanted more.

The Cup Finals obviously weren’t nearly as fun. With Game 4 winding down, my dad told my mother and I half-jokingly, “You’re just bandwagon hoppers, you won’t keep watching next year.” My mother, who was a hockey fan growing up and was just rediscovering her love for the game, responded with a simple “wanna bet?”

And when the opener of the 1997-98 Flyers season rolled around, there were my mother and I, crowded in front of our television in Northeast Philadelphia, watching the Flyers, as we would for every game afterward.

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