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Why I’m a Flyers fan: Hockey as a coping mechanism

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I'll be frank and just put it out there: Hockey is how I deal with my personal demons and some of my darkest days. I go through some sort of offseason depression when I'm not able to turn on a hockey game at the end of a bad day.

I was a passionate fan since I was young. I fell in love with the sport fast. As I entered some difficult teenage years, I turned to hockey as a coping mechanism. It gave me something to focus on besides my personal issues. Now being 29, I still turn to hockey. Bad day at work, heartache, etc., I put on a game and the tension eases. I am an intense person and hockey is an intense sport. It just makes sense that I love a sport as fast-paced as my anxiety-ridden brain and as violent as my anger issues.

But why am I a Flyers fan specifically? I wish it was because they've won several Cups, but we know that's not the case. My dad's side of the family is from the Philly area, so naturally I grew up watching the Eagles and Phillies. The Frese's are mostly a football family, so me getting into hockey was a little weird, but my parents were supportive and put on games for me as a kid. It was kind of natural for me to follow another Philly team, but it's also the games that were put on for me. I must mention that I got in to hockey when the Legion of Doom was playing. It was easy to fall in love with those boys, the sport, and the team in general. When I find something I love, I stay dedicated to it, no matter how much it hurts. It's not easy loving this team sometimes, but my loyalty and craziness remains. Screw the Penguins.

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