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Wednesday Morning Fly By: Still talking about lotteries!

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

*Hey did you know that the Flyers moved from #13 to #2 in the NHL Entry Draft? Let's relive the magic! [Flyers]

*Possibly #1 overall Nolan Patrick says he's excited to play for the Devils OR the Flyers. But probably more us than them let's be real. [Inquirer]

*But let's not forget about our pal Nico Hischier. [The Hockey Writers]

*Speaking of, your favorite hockey podcast spends an entire hour thinking about whether we'd like to see Nico or Nolan in the orange and black. Have a listen! [BSH]

*So part of the reason the Flyers were able to jump up from 13 to 2 is because if the way the draft rules changed. Here's how some past drafts would've looked with today's rules. [TSN]

*The Entry Draft isn't the only fun we have to look forward to, there's the Expansion Draft as well. Let's keep trying to guess who the Golden Knights are going to pluck from us. [Inquirer]

*Goalie prospect Matej Tomek has been taken in the USHL draft, which is interesting. [BSH]

*Speaking of prospects, despite a first round exit from the playoffs the future is super bright for the Phantoms. [The Morning Call]

*In that vein, let's think about what the roster might look like up in Allentown next year. [The Morning Call]

*Sidney Crosby has suffered another concussion, and whatever you feel about him, that sucks. [Puck Daddy]

*There's a looooottttttt of talk about the two hits that resulted in this injury. "Culture of violence" and such. [The Hockey News]

*Obviously, the well-laid path to the Cup final that we all thought the Penguins had this year is a bit rockier now. [ESPN]

*DGB: can any team beat the misery of the Toronto Maple Leafs? Every Flyers Fan: hold my beer. [Sportsnet]

*And finally, it's offseason, nothing is happening, so enjoy this super cute Fanpost about how cool it is to be a hockey fan sometimes. [BSH]