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Friday Morning Fly By: We have "needs to score more on the power play" number of days 'til hockey!

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports


*Yesterday we learned that we have exactly Jakub Voracek days until preseason begins. Let the countdown begin. [BSH]

*Danny Briere has a new job and the Flyers are welcoming a new hockey team to the fam as Comcast has decided to go ahead and buy a minor league hockey team to put in Portland, ME. [Inquirer]

*Guess who else got a new job?? Craig Berube! [ProHockeyTalk]

*So the league's buyout window is open. Think the Flyers have any plans to take advantage? [CSN Philly]

*The Flyers are absolute idiots for choosing Neuvirth over Mason and everyone knows it. [The Hockey News]

*Check in on the Flyers' draft strategy with this pretty great Q&A. [Metro Philly]

*Keith Primeau's kid is trying to make it to the NHL in a very different way than his dad did. [CSN Philly]

*This weekend we'll get to see everyone's expansion draft protection lists which is going to be suuuuuuper fun. Ahead of that, a mock draft! [The Washington Post]

*High draft picks don't get traded very often, and DGB brings us ten reasons why. [Sportsnet]

*So do any of you actually blame players who refuse to waive NMCs? Seems to make more sense to blame the idiot GMs who offered them in the first place, no? [The Hockey News]

*And finally, we got another sneak peak at the new Adidas jerseys. They look cheap, you guys. [Icethetics]