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NHL Draft 2017: Report claims the Flyers are ‘extremely concerned’ about Nolan Patrick’s health

We’re just a few hours from the NHL Draft.

2017 NHL Draft - Top Prospects Hockey Clinic & Media Availability Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

CHICAGO — What would NHL Draft day be without a little stress? Here’s some: Kyle Scott of Crossing Broad is reporting that the Flyers are worried about Nolan Patrick’s health as they sit with the No. 2 overall pick tonight.

Kyle doesn’t report Flyers rumors that much, but last time he did it turned out to be true, so there’s reason to believe this. I have a few thoughts:

  • The Flyers are pretty close to the vest under Ron Hextall, so I guess it’s possible that this wouldn’t have leaked out earlier. But I honestly can’t imagine news of this magnitude taking this long to leak. It almost makes me believe that somebody in the Flyers front office could be deflecting or otherwise sending up a decoy. I don’t know; I’m just thinking out loud for the most part.
  • Patrick’s injury history is indeed a concern, but it’s widely believed that it wouldn’t be enough for him to fall out of the top two in this draft. If there’s truth to this and the Flyers are indeed concerned, however, I think it would be based on real homework. The Flyers scout well in the WHL and are connected in the Brandon Wheat Kings organization, as Hextall is one of their most famous alumni. The concern, if it is really there, would have a strong foundation.
  • Imagine that the Devils take Nico Hischier and the Flyers pass on Patrick at No. 2. Patrick goes on to be a star. That’s a fireable offense for Hextall, right? He’d have to be really, really damn sure to make that call.
  • Hell, it might not even matter. As we mentioned yesterday, there’s talk that the Devils could go off the board and take Cale Makar with the No. 1 pick. That would leave the Flyers the choice of Nico or Nolan, and that would obviously be a very good thing.

Anyway, those are some thoughts. Just a couple more hours here until we find out what happens. I’m stressed.

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OK, Flyers fans: ❤️ or on Nolan Patrick?

Posted by Broad Street Hockey: For Philadelphia Flyers Fans on Monday, May 15, 2017