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Matthew Strome’s older brothers could not be happier to see him go to the Flyers

No sibling rivalry here.

With the 106th pick in the 2017 NHL Draft, the Flyers selected Matthew Strome. The Strome name is already commonplace in the NHL; his older brothers Ryan and Dylan both went in the first round (5th and 3rd respectively) on their draft days. Matthew is the last of the Strome clan to be drafted, and now he’s a Flyer! Sick!

But I’m not here (nor am I ever here) to just give you the boring stuff. I’m here to share this:

And this:

The Strome brothers couldn’t be more stoked about this. Sibling rivalry? Not here, no sir. Not until Matthew makes the roster, that is.

You know, hopefully one day people will look at Matthew Strome and say wait, really? He fell to the fourth round? And we’ll remember when Dylan Strome told us we wouldn’t regret it. That’ll be fun.

I don’t have a clincher for this article, so accept this photo instead (courtesy of the Strome parents):

From left to right: Matthew, Ryan, Dylan.