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Mark Recchi inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame

He still isn’t in the Flyers Hall of Fame.

Mark Recchi #8
Mark Recchi is a Hall of Famer.
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Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs is in the Hockey Hall of Fame. He’s the chairman of the NHL’s Board of Governors; the man arguably responsible for three NHL lockouts; the real-life Mr. Burns who made his employees pay $7,000 in taxes on Stanley Cup rings; the man who didn’t “want to attract the kind of people the Akon concert would attract to this community” ... yeah, that piece of shit. He’s a Hall of Famer.

Sometimes this sport really, really pisses me off.

But, in other news worth celebrating today, former Flyers forward Mark Recchi is a member of the 2017 Hockey Hall of Fame class.

Recchi played 1,652 regular season games in the NHL, of which 602 came in a Philadelphia Flyers uniform. He was more than a point per game player in those 602 games, scoring 232 goals and 395 assists as a Flyer as part of his career 577 goals and 956 assists. He’s currently eighth all-time on the Flyers scoring list.

Recchi was a seven-time NHL All-Star, repping the Flyers three of those times, and he won the Stanley Cup three times. He was the Flyers’ team MVP three times. He is 12th all-time in NHL scoring and one of just 13 players to score more than 1,500 points in his career. Recchi is definitely worthy of the Hall.

The question now remains, as it does with Eric Lindros: will the Flyers retire his number? They’ve retired the number of every player (Mark Howe, Bernie Parent, Bill Barber and Bobby Clarke) who has gone into the Hall after playing the majority of their career in Philly -- pending the eventual, expected retirement of No. 88.

But will Recchi be different? He’s not even in the Flyers Hall of Fame, although that could change now too. For some reason — perhaps the four-season gap he spent in Montreal in the middle of his Flyers’ tenure — we don’t really think of him as a Flyers all-timer, but maybe that will change now that he’s in the Hall.