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Nolan Patrick is a Flyer!

In which the gang has a rather vigorous debate about the Brayden Schenn trade and takes an in-depth look at the Flyers entry draft haul

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NHL: NHL Draft David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Nolan Patrick is officially a Philadelphia Flyer, but before that can truly be celebrated, the big trade of the weekend must be addressed, and BSH Radio is back to do just that. The shocking trade of Brayden Schenn to the Blues has the panel divided, with Steph railing against the move and the rest of the gang viewing it more positively. Linked to the trade was the pick of Morgan Frost, and Charlie joins Steph in her skepticism of that pick. Then, it's onto the rest of the draft, led by the one and only Nolan Patrick. His bright future and probable role as a rookie, along with the pick's impact on Claude Giroux, gets the panel back on the same page once again. After going through each individual Flyers pick, the show closes out with yet another goaltending discussion, and whether there is any chance whatsoever that Steve Mason could return.

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