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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Well, at least the offseason will be fun for us.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

*to ease your bad hockey feelings this morning Charlie is here to remind you that Ivan Provorov is amazing and he is all ours. [BSH]

*Also, we're going to have one of either Nico Hischier or Nolan Patrick in a few weeks. That's lovely. [Inquirer]

*Also also, in the first time in a long time, the Flyers' salary cap situation is NOT an absolute tire fire! It's the little things, folks. [NHL Numbers]

*We know some stuff about Nolan Patrick but how's about the top-ranked European skater? [Flyers]

*It's a strange time for coaching in the city of Philadelphia. [Daily News]

*It's almost free agent season, so DGB is bringing us the most exciting offer sheet situations in league history. [Sportsnet]

*Do NHL GMs really not offer sheet because they're afraid of retaliation? Or is that just a bunch of nonsense? [Pension Plan Puppets]

*And finally, on the NHL playoff format and why it needs to go back to the way it was. [Raw Charge]