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Nolan Patrick knows Claude Giroux better as “coach” than “captain”

Turns out the hockey world is pretty small. Shocking.

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Just a week ago, we heard from Nolan Patrick about how he met Claude Giroux, and it was long before he was even a twinkle in Ron Hextall’s eye. He was fourteen years old, and the circumstances were a little different: he was calling Claude “coach” instead of “captain.”

Back in 2013, Nolan Patrick was one of 42 bantam-aged players to be selected to attend NHLPA’s Allstate All-Canadians mentorship camp, a five-day course with appearances by NHL veterans, all-star players, and coaches. Claude Giroux was among the players invited to coach at the camp, and he coached Nolan Patrick personally.

Curious about Claude’s future as a hockey coach? “Well, we lost,” is all Nolan would say when asked. Oh well.

Coach Claude

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Look at those rosy cheeks right in the center of the frame! It’s like he knew.

Claude must’ve liked Nolan enough to pick him for his team, right? Maybe he doesn’t have a future as a coach, but looks like his scouting skills aren’t half-bad. I feel like this has to be bode well for us. It’s some positive energy. Good mojo. I’m feeling it.

Not totally related, but let’s hope Claude’s gotten better at selfies over the years. I’d like to see a recreation of this one.

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