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Wayne Simmonds: Re-sign or ship out?

The year: 2019. The gang: vigorously debating the future of Wayne Simmonds. The volume: loud.

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San Jose Sharks v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

With the dog days of summer in full swing, the BSH Radio crew turns their focus towards the future. The status of Wayne Simmonds is the big debate, and whether the Flyers should plan to re-sign him after the 2018-19 season at age-31, or possibly trade him for a haul before his current contract expires. Steph and Kelly lean towards the "trade him!" camp, Bill is all about a new contract for Mr. Train, while Charlie provides the "wait and see" perspective. Then, the conversation moves towards the most polarizing player on the Flyers -- Sean Couturier. The gang breaks down exactly why he's become a "you either love him or hate him" type of player, before diving into his ideal linemates for 2017-18. The show concludes with Bill imploring the Flyers to bring back a local hero, and Steph expressing concerns about the Jakub Voracek contract.

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