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Meet the BSH writer: Kyle Frey

The Flyers aren't the only team icing a bunch of rookies this season; we've got some new faces at Broad Street Hockey we're excited for you to meet. Let's get to know them better!

Philadelphia Flyers v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hello all! My name is Kyle Frey and I will be helping BSH with game recaps, previews, and observations for the upcoming season. I am extremely excited to join the BSH team and write for such a respected blog with outstanding people running the show.

If you wish to @ me you can do so on the twitter dot com @yachobscoracek. Yes, that is a Steve Mason picture as my header, yes I am still upset he’s in Winnipeg now.

I have been a fan of hockey and The Hockey Team The Flyers for about 10 years now and crazily enough my love of hockey began while watching a Bruins/Leafs game!

Because you know, of course it would.

Being a fan of all the other Philadelphia teams it was just natural to become a fan of the Flyers, and since then there has been no other team to grasp my interest like them. Orange and black have become my two favorite colors primarily due to my beloved team and the history associated with them.

Because I have no idea what else to say honestly, my favorite player on this team currently is the toothless wonder himself, Sean Couturier. Ever since his rookie year “Coots” has had a special place in my heart on this team and I will defend that play driving wizard for the rest of his career.