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New Kid On The Block: Get To Know Maddie Campbell

The Flyers aren't the only team icing a bunch of rookies this season; we've got some new faces at Broad Street Hockey we're excited for you to meet. Let's get to know them better!

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hello, Broad Street Hockey readers! Maddie Campbell, here! If my name looks like a new one, well, that’s because it is. I’ll be joining BSH this season to bring you the raddest game coverage, drop stats where I can, and, inevitably, make some lame jokes. So get ready.

I came to Flyers fandom in much the usual way, I suspect. I have a few vague hockey memories from growing up, all involving it being just this thing that was on in the living room sometimes. It was something my dad liked, and picked up with his step-dad, who loved it even more. So I guess you could say it was generational.

And as for me, hockey went from being just background noise to something I actively watched and enjoyed around the time of the 2010 Cup run, when the whole of the Campbell household was getting very excited about the Flyers. In the end, we were met with near-crushing disappointment— a fitting introduction, no?— but that was it for me. I was all in.

So it was the Flyers from the start, and the Flyers it’s been ever since. I’ve stuck around through the badness and the dullness because… why? Suffering breeds strength? I'm fiercely loyal? I’m a stubborn lady who can’t let things go? Probably that last one.

Well, here I am, still. I’m so excited to be working with the fantastic staff at Broad Street Hockey, and getting to engage with their incredible community (yes, you!). So don’t be a stranger— feel free to leave a comment, or pop by on Twitter to say hey. Let’s chat. And let’s go the Flyers!