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Here’s the 2017-18 Flyers local broadcast schedule

So many peacock logos.

General Electric And Vivendi Come To Tentative Agreement On NBC's Value Photo by Michael Nagle/Getty Images

A sure sign that hockey season is nearly here: the Flyers announced their 2017-18 local broadcast schedule on Tuesday afternoon. As always, nearly every game will be broadcast locally on CSN Philly — to be renamed as NBC Sports Philadelphia before hockey season begins

62 games in total will be shown on NBC Sports Philadelphia, with 10 others shown on NBC Sports Philadelphia Plus, which will be the new name of The Comcast Network. The channel numbers are not changing, nor is the ability to watch these channels via DirecTV in the local market.

The other 10 games will be shown exclusively on national television in the United States, with six on NBC Sports Network and four on the big NBC network. Yes, that’s right -- there will be a peacock logo on every single Flyers broadcast this season and I’m sure it won’t be confusing at all trying to figure out which of the four possible NBC channels that show Flyers games has the game on a given night. Not confusing at all.

The broadcast team for local games remains the same, led by Jim Jackson on the play-by-play call, Chris Therien rinkside, and one of Keith Jones or Bill Clement as color analyst.

The radio broadcast schedule remains similar to in recent years, with games split between 97.5 The Fanatic and 93.3 WMMR. Play-by-play voice Tim Saunders will again be joined by Steve Coates in the booth. 56 games will be broadcast on 97.5 with 26 broadcast on WMMR, all on nights where there is also a 76ers game.

View the full Flyers broadcast schedule here.