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Wayne Simmonds, now in Pop! form

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Pop! figures are everywhere — they’re practically unavoidable. And somehow the bubble hasn’t popped on them yet.

Today, Funko announced that the NHL Series 2 — its second set of Pop! figures for NHL players — is coming this fall, and it features none other than our favorite local train, Wayne Simmonds.

Wayne is the first Flyer to appear on the seemingly never ending line of Pop! figures. Somehow these things keep flying off the shelves, even though they do not share many characteristics with their real life counterparts. They have small bodies, big heads and no mouths. But that doesn't stop people from spending money on them.

As you can see, this figure ... kind of looks like Wayne? They both have eyes, and a nose. Ears too! His eyebrows are a bit goofy, but are the standard on most Pop figures. The detail on the jersey looks excellent, even with Wayne’s “A” being absent on his figure.

But for a price point around $10, this is a neat knickknack to put on the desk at the office, or perhaps in your room — anywhere you wish!