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Thursday Morning Fly By: It’s Lindros Day!

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

Kate Frese / SB Nation

* So, Tuesday’s game wasn’t a good one. In fact, it was very bad. But before you look to completely wipe it from your memory, check out the words Kyle wrote and the numbers he compiled from it. Spoiler: it wasn’t all bad. [BSH]

* But worry not! Kyle also has words about something you won’t want to wipe from your memory: Sean Couturier’s breakout season. [BSH]

* In more Flyers related news, it’s Eric Lindros day! The Flyers are retiring his number tonight. Let’s get into it. []

* Want more Lindros content? Well, you’ve got it. Here are 88 facts about number 88. [Flyers]

* Now, to move across the hockey world, the CWHL’s first openly transgender athlete is here, and she’s here to inspire. [Vice Sports Canada]

* What’s that? Power rankings and hot takes? Oh my! [Sportsnet]

* And, hot off the presses, we’ve got a new 31 Thoughts section. [Sportsnet]

* On the trade rumor front, the Sabres are asking for a lot for Evander Kane--and it might just be too much. [SB Nation]

* Speaking of trades, it’s kind of nuts that the Canadiens want to shop Pacioretty, right? But here’s why they could potentially get a pretty substantial return for him. [Sportsnet]

* With the aftermath of Cogliano’s suspension still being well felt, a question is being floated through the internet waves: should we have some kind of good-guy exception, when it comes to suspensions? [ESPN]

* But that’s enough of the just words thing. Get your numbers fix with a dive into NHL rookie scoring. [TSN]

* Want even more numbers? Look no further! We’ve also got some stats here on the players most effectively generating quality scoring chances. [TSN]

* Stepping away from the NHL, let’s not forget that the Olympics are coming up! NHLers won’t be there, which seems a little uncool, but Rasmus Dahlin will be there and figures to inject some fun back into the tournament. [Puck Daddy]

* Distinctly less fun? The NHL’s incredibly tone deaf decision to book Kid Rock to play the All Star game. [Outsports]