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How did our readers at BSH grade each Flyer through the first half of the season?

If nothing else, everyone seemed to agree on Sean Couturier and Claude Giroux. And Jori Lehtera.

someone’s got an A+ and he is PUMPED about it
Kate Frese / SBNation

Last week, during the Flyers’ five-day bye week, we handed out some mid-season evaluations to each of the Flyers’ 22 main roster players this season, as well as to their head coach. If you missed any of those, you can read them here:

Each of those evaluations included a letter grade, on the standard A to F scale that is used in classrooms. And at the end of each evaluation, we put a poll there, in which you, the reader, could provide your own grade for each player.

It’s been nearly a week since the Flyers have been back in action, and each of the polls in those posts has since been closed. What kinds of grades did our voters give to each player, and how did those average out to a final grade for each one?

Using a fairly standard grade point system (the details of which are at the bottom of this post) and applying those points for each vote in each poll, we can come up with a weighted GPA for each player based on their poll results, and a letter grade that more or less correlates to that GPA. We’ll then compare those results to our original grades for good measure.

BSH Midterm Grades

Player GPA Grade Our Grade
Player GPA Grade Our Grade
Couturier 3.96 A+ A+
Filppula 1.93 C C-
Patrick 1.53 C- D
Laughton 3.08 B B
Giroux 3.96 A+ A+
Voracek 3.87 A A
Simmonds 2.57 B- C+
Konecny 2.45 C+ C+
Raffl 2.58 B- B-
Weal 2.09 C C
Leier 2.21 C+ C+
Weise 0.59 D- D-
Lehtera 0.31 F F
Provorov 3.8 A A-
Gostisbehere 3.62 A- B+
Hagg 2.72 B- C+
Sanheim 2.26 C+ C+
MacDonald 1.61 C- D+
Manning 2.12 C C
Gudas 2.75 B- B
Elliott 3.27 B+ B
Neuvirth 2.44 C+ B-
Hakstol 1.73 C- C-
Hextall 2.65 B- N/A

Some quick notes here:

  • Of the 23 people that we here at BSH graded, your letter grades as a community were in agreement with ours from our report cards on 13 of those 23 people (22 players plus head coach Dave Hakstol). Of those 13 in which we were in general agreement, 10 of them were forwards; only two were defensemen, while the final person was Hakstol.
  • Of the 10 in which there were disagreements, nine of them were within a single partial letter grade (i.e. an A vs. A-, or B- vs. C+, etc.). Only on Nolan Patrick did we disagree by more than one partial letter grade; our community graded him as a C-, while we gave him a D.
  • Of those 10 in which there were disagreements, the community GPA was kinder to the player/person in question than our grade was on eight of those 10. Only on Radko Gudas and Michal Neuvirth were our grades higher than the community’s.
  • Sean Couturier received an A+ on 85 percent of his votes, while Claude Giroux received an A+ on 75 percent of his votes. Those, unsurprisingly, were the two highest A+ percentages.
  • On the flip side, Dale Weise received an F on 46 percent of his votes, while a whopping 73 percent of those who voted on Jori Lehtera’s report card handed him a failing grade.
  • Collectively, if you were to take the average GPA of every player on the forward corps, they’d score a 2.39; the defense would get a 2.70 if you did the same for them.

Who do you think that the community was too harsh on and/or too friendly to?

Grade points:

A+ or A: 4.0
A-: 3.7
B+: 3.3
B: 3
B-: 2.7
C+: 2.3
C: 2
C-: 1.7
D+: 1.3
D: 1
D-: 0.7
F: 0

GPA-to-Letter Grade Translation:

3.95-4.00: A+
3.80-3.94: A
3.50-3.79: A-
3.15-3.49: B+
2.85-3.14: B
2.50-2.84: B-
2.15-2.49: C+
1.85-2.14: C
1.50-1.84: C-
1.15-1.49: D+
0.85-1.14: D
0.50-0.84: D-
0.00-0.49: F