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Friday Morning Fly By: Break time, baby

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

Kate Frese

*Well we’re off until next Wednesday, so, you know...let’s focus on all those wins instead of last night’s big steaming turd. RECAP!

* we think Travis Konecny’s recent success is the result of him “developing” or the result of a good player finally getting to play with good linemates? []

*Speaking of development, Travis Sanheim looked pretty damn good in his first game back with the Phantoms. Shocking that an NHL player dominates in the AHL. [Sons of Penn]

*John Boruk thinks the Flyers should be buyers at the deadline. Some would say that is an incredibly dumb and short-sighted idea. What say you, Flyers fans? [NBC Sports Philly]

*And if you’re wondering what the rest of the Metro Division might do at the deadline, here’s a rundown of who should sell and who should buy. [Canes Country]

*Our old pal Charlie is featured on this week’s episode of the PDOcast and it’s definitely worth a listen as there is a lot of really good Flyers talk. [PDOcast]

*Brad Marchand has been suspended for five games, the maximum allowed via phone hearing, which seems fair, since Brad Marchand is a noted piece of shit. But he doesn’t have to be, which is really what makes him extra hateable. [ProHockeyTalk]

*The sort-of Russian national team for this year’s Olympics has been announced, and there are some big names there. [ProHockeyTalk]

*Let’s run down a list of random midseason awards, for the laughs. [Vice Sports]

*And finally, a new episode of Flyperbole has hit the web, as the kids say. Enjoy, it’s a good one. [BSH]