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It me, Jake Fahringer

Say hello to Broad Street Hockey’s newest contributor!

Tampa Bay Lightning v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

Hey everybody! I am excited and honored to be writing for Broad Street Hockey. Before I put out some content for you all, just a little about myself. I promise, I’m much better at talking about the Flyers than I am about myself, so try not to hold this intro against me!

I grew up in South Jersey and have been a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan (specifically the Flyers). I started watching hockey at the beginning of the Lindros Era when I was five years old, went to my first Flyers game when I was six years old and have bled orange and black ever since.

When I’m not watching the ice sport, I’m doing my best to help people. I graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in June of 2017 and recently passed the board exam to become a licensed DPT. As an athlete growing up involved in multiple sports, the sports and medical worlds were a major influence on my life and I look forward to taking those two passions of mine and putting them to good use throughout my career.

I’ve been a longtime follower of Broad Street Hockey and many of the fantastic people that make this awesome machine run. These people do a phenomenal job and I am very much looking forward to contributing to such an amazing group of men and women.

-Jake Fahringer (@J_Fahringer)