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You ever see Jaws? Yeah, the Flyers were Quint.

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BSH Radio Facebook Live postgame reaction to home-opening 8-2 loss.

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Everything is bad.

The Philadelphia Flyers kicked off the home portion of their schedule much the same way they ended last year’s. Playing in front of the Wells Fargo Center crowd for the first time since their 8-5 defeat at the hands (flippers? What do Penguns have? They’re not really wings, because they can’t fly. They’re basically just paddles) of the Pittsburgh Penguins to be eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs last April, the Flyers were drug out to sea and chomped to pieces by the San Jose Sharks on Tuesday night, losing by a final score of 8-2.

Listen to Bill react to the loss and try to put the game, which is still just the third of an 82-game regular season slate, into perspective. Even though he fully recognizes that losing like that is embarrassing and everybody in the organization should be sitting by themselves and feeling shame. Ok, that’s enough movie references from the 1970’s for one postgame article, just listen to the BSH Radio Facebook Live postgame, please and thank you.