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Introducing your newest Broad Street Hockey contributor!

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...and I’m a whole five hours ahead.

San Jose Sharks v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Hello Broad Street Hockey! I’m Drew Meyer, and I wake up and drink my coffee like everyone else (except here we drink tea). I’m a lifelong Flyers fan living in the United Kingdom (though I was born in South Jersey), which means watching the games can get real tricky for me! Ice Hockey (specifying Ice because here “Hockey” means Field Hockey) is a very niche sport in the U.K., even more so than it is in the USA. There’s a very tight knit hockey community here and they’re every bit as passionate as in North America!

As I said before, I’m a lifelong Flyers fan. I grew up going to Phantoms games in the Spectrum with my father, and later, to Flyers games at the then-Wachovia Center. I first came into my fandom (that I can remember) the year the Flyers were the worst team in hockey and traded Peter Forsberg. Quite a depressing origin story, but it led to the joy of beating the Capitals in seven games. I even have very vague memories of the 2004 run, though I was very small at the time.

In terms of hockey writing, I covered the EIHL’s (British #1 league) Edinburgh Capitals as a beat. Unfortunately they later were dissolved, and my city no longer has a team, so I went on to cover the Flyers for UK blog “Chasing the Puck”, which I continue to do now. I look forward to writing tons of interesting content for Broad Street Hockey, especially content coming from a European perspective!