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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Things are actually good

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Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

*Someone get me a chia pet tonight. Thanks. CHARLIE GOT ME A CHIA PET!!!!!

*Anyhoo, Florida is in town tonight. Here’s what we learned about what to expect from yesterday’s practice. [Flyers]

*Perhaps the most positive thing to come out of practice was the fact that Oskar Lindblom is in the lineup and won’t miss any time after the big hit he took Saturday afternoon. []

*The Panthers have exactly zero wins so far this year, so here’s hoping the Flyers can avoid their normal habit of giving teams on long losing streaks their first win. []

*We’re only five games in to a very long season, so it’s illogical to make broad sweeping judgments about the state of the Flyers - or any team, really - but here are a few things we’ve observed so far. [BSH]

*Have you been wondering what John Boruk thinks of the performance of a few Flyers over these first few games? No? Well here it is anyway. [NBC Sports Philly]

*This week in prospect news has some good stuff about Joel Farabee and Carter Hart’s first big falter in his pro career. [BSH]

*As you may have heard, marijuana use is now legal in Canada. So how will this affect the NHL? [Associated Press]

*And finally, we’ve got a fun new feature on Broad Street Hockey: FlyperBlog. If you like the Flyperbole podcast you’ll love this, I promise you. [BSH]