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What did we just watch?

BSH Radio reacts following another embarrassing performance.

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Columbus Blue Jackets Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

I just... I... ugh.

I’m trying my absolute hardest not to overreact to the absolute slop that has been these first seven games. After all, there are still 75 left to play. But how long can this continue?

How many times can this team, filled with some pretty good players, look like they don’t belong in the National Hockey League? They’re capable of playing well, and we’ve seen it. The second half of last season, for instance. But how many times can the Philadelphia Flyers look completely lost before some change is made?

There is no half-way competent goaltender. The defenders can’t defend. The forwards don’t like shooting. The coach loves turning former career AHLers he coached in college into lineup staples. Speaking of, how funny is it that all we heard about in training camp was Corban Knight’s penalty kill prowess, and he played exactly zero minutes and zero seconds in man-down situations last night? Hilarious, right? I’m not mad, you’re mad. I’m actually laughing.

The coach, the players, the general manager, they’re all at fault. If something isn’t done soon, this will be another wasted season. How many more must loyal fans suffer through?

Oskar Lindblom, Jordan Weal and Travis Konecny are looking like a pretty good line, though.