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Checking out the competition: New Jersey Devils

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They’re not this good, I assure you.

Philadelphia Flyers v New Jersey Devils Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The league’s last standing undefeated team is undefeated no more after losing 5-3 to the Colorado Avalanche Thursday night, but the Devils will still present a challenge for the Flyers when they face off this afternoon. We were joined by John Fischer of All About The Jersey to get a feel for how these teams match up. We hit on:

  • The Devils’ arguably top forward not named Taylor Hall
  • The future of Cory Schneider
  • How the Devils ruined hockey in the 90s
  • Nolan’s better

This afternoon’s game kicks off at 1PM on NBC Sports Philly. Do better today, boys. Let’s go Flyers!