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Checking out the competition: Florida Panthers

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This time with more Luongo!

Florida Panthers v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The last time the Flyers met up with the Panthers it was a 6-5 shootout barn-burner that had the Flyers come out on top. This time, they’ll have to deal with a newly-healthy Roberto Luongo and an improved Florida power play. We were joined again by Todd Little of Litter Box Cats to see what has changed in the month since these two teams last met. Topics include:

  • The return of Roberto Luongo
  • The factors that have allowed the Cats to hit a four-game winning streak
  • Aaron Ekblad, what’s his deal?
  • An opinion of the current state of the Flyers from outside our little bubble

Tonight’s game at The Farg begins at 7PM and will air on NBC Sports Philly locally. One streak has to end; make it theirs, boys!