Front Page Formatting Suggestion

As it stands for me right now, I have to click




In order to check the schedule from the front page. Is it possible to move the schedule to the top bar of the front page, perhaps replacing the "Fanshots" section, which only has 3 posts this calendar year? I don't mean to nitpick, but I'd wager more people are here to see the schedule and general news than they are to see a mostly-neglected section of the website. I like coming here for the latest news, but my secondary reason for coming to the website is to see when the latest game is. Why not reduce the clicks from three to one?


Edit- If it's not possible to put the schedule on the top bar, maybe make it possible to just hover over one of the drop-down menus and make it a single click? It's like... THE SCHEDULE FOR GAMES. It's kinda crucial.
PS- The Flyers don't play "unknown" Wednesday, they play Buffalo.

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