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A day for giving thanks to the Philadelphia Flyers

There is one reason we’re all here, and I for one am thankful.

Heather Barry - SB Nation

American Thanksgiving, a time for all to reflect upon the past year of our lives and realize it wasn’t all garbage and pain. The question millions will be asking Thursday — what are you thankful for? For me, this is an easy question to answer: I am thankful for being alive, my beautiful pets, people who care about me, and the Philadelphia Flyers.

Yes, this team makes me want to rip my hair out on a regular basis. Yes, I want to make radical changes in the front office and behind the bench. No, they are not fun to watch right now. All of these things are true, and yet, I am still thankful for the team. This team has, at the very least, brought me here and I am thankful for that. For this reason, I am stealing an idea from Jewels From The Crown and asking you what you are thankful for in relation to the Flyers. What brings you here? What brings you coming back here? Who is your favorite player? What is the coolest thing you have seen this season?

From everyone at Broad Street Hockey, we hope that you and your family have a lovely holiday, go Flyers.