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Checking out the competition: New York Rangers

You can eat pie for lunch, right?

New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Ahh, the Rangers. We’re supposed to hate them a lot, right? Hard to muster the energy really, what with the food hangover and whatnot. We spoke with Vinny Milani of the Powerplay 904 podcast to get a handle on what to expect from today’s matinee. We cover:

  • The recent Spooner for Strome trade
  • Rebuilding on the fly after making a big show of entering into a rebuild - the new normal for the NHL?
  • The breakout of Chris Kreider
  • Henrik Lundqvist and the decision to remain a Ranger
  • Season-long expectations for the team and the division

Today’s game will air at 1PM on regular old NBC. So set yourself on the couch in your comfiest jammies, make a leftover sammie, and enjoy a little afternoon hockey. Let’s go Flyers!