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Yo make some kind of change, I’m begging you

Facebook Live postgame reaction following another embarrassing effort

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Toronto Maple Leafs Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

How many of these games can we sit through?

How many more games can the Flyers just not compete in before some kind of change is made?

Clearly the coach can’t get the best out of his players on a nightly basis. It’s pretty obvious the general manager bungled the goaltending situation. Why can’t the leaders and veterans of this core motivate themselves and their teammates to at least not get blown out once a week? How can a team fall behind 4-0 in the opening ten minutes of action twice in four nights?

It’s a bleak edition of Broad Street Hockey Facebook Live postgame reactions with a plea for change, because if nothing else is apparent, the fact that THIS isn’t working is indisputable.