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Wednesday Morning Fly By: The boys are back in town

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

*The Flyers picked up a big win on Monday in Arizona. Relive the instant reactions here: [BSH]

*And Mike takes a look at what we learned in that (admittedly pretty weird) game. [BSH]

*So, Joel Quenneville is out of the job, could he fit in philly? [BSH]

*And what does Quenneville’s firing mean for Chicago? [TSN]

*The Prospects did some thing this week. Just not, like, a ton of things. [BSH]

*Speaking of prospects, I’m contractually obligated to post any and all Matt Strome update in here for Kurt. So here’s one. [Courier Post]

*The Flyers have a ton of goalies, but fewer now with all of the injuries. Should we expect them to do something drastic in the face of all this? Probably not. [Courier Post]

*Want to take a quick tour around the league? Check in with all of the other happenings? 31 Thoughts has you covered. [Sportsnet]

*Despite evidence to the contrary, it’s not all about William Nylander up in Toronto. So here’s something else: Kasperi Kapanen is fast as heck and that speed is quickly making its way into the Leafs’ regular gameplan. [TSN]

*The news out of Ottawa in the wake of the Uber video keeps getting weirder. Apparently the team knew about it days before it was leaked. And leaves us with some questions. [TSN]