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Checking out the competition: Vancouver Canucks

They’re good on paper, folks.

Vancouver Canucks v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It’s the second day of your weekend and after keeping you up late on your Friday, the Flyers are going to do it to you again as we kick off day two of this Flyers After Dark weekend. Tonight it’s the Vancouver Canucks, and to get ready for the game we were joined by Kent Basky of Nucks Misconduct to have a little chat about the Seattle Kraken’s biggest rival. We covered:

  • Elias Pettersson, and if he’s just a kid having good luck and getting off to a good start or if he’s the real deal.
  • The good-on-paper (relatively) Canucks roster and what is holding them back on the ice.
  • A couple of December roster moves and how they will impact the ‘Nucks long term.
  • A small winning streak and the little things that go right
  • The new Seattle franchise and the fun of geography-based rivalry

Tonight’s game won’t start until 10PM so have yourself a nap, Flyers fans. It’ll be a long night.

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