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Friday Morning Fly By: Hockey is fun again, honestly!

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

NHLI via Getty Images

*The Tampa Bay Lightning are, arguably, one of the best teams in the league and your Philadelphia Flyers took it to them last night! Not the outcome we wanted but the boys were down multiple goals heading into the third and took that game to overtime for a point. It was a good time, folks! RECAP!

*Did you see this goal your captain scored? Look at it. LOOK AT IT. [ProHockeyTalk]

*Big news yesterday was the apparent confirmation that Scott Gordon will be the Flyers’ head coach for the rest of this season. [BSH]

*Oft-overlooked (at least it seems that way) goalie prospect Samuel Ersson had himself a very nice start to the WJC. [TSN]

*And the oft-overlooked by everyone but us Morgan Frost is working towards becoming a national hero up there in Canada. [NBC Sports Philly]

*Sure it was just Denmark, but a hat trick in 22 minutes is not bad. Not bad at all. []

*Morgan Frost isn’t the only prospect making a name for himself so far. Another recent draft pick has caught the eye of those watching closely. [Habs Eyes On The Prize]

*A lot of Flyers fans were, for some reason, very worried about Danick Martel becoming a superstar with the Tampa Bay Lightning. This has not happened. Also, he left his car in Allentown. Whoops. [Courier-Post]

*It’s the end of the year and you know what that means: lists and rankings and countdowns galore! Let’s start with the best goals of 2018. And then tell us your favorite Flyers goal of the year. For funsies. [ProHockeyTalk]

*Check out this cool Carter Hart tee shirt, you guys. [BSH]

*In case you weren’t yet convinced that the lockout in 2020 is a foregone conclusion, Russian teams are already acquiring the rights to NHL players for the season so they can play over there. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

*And finally, new BSH Radio! We took questions from the audience in a fun mailbag episode. It’s always fun to know what people want to talk about. [BSH]

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