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Tuesday Morning Fly By: And now, we speculate

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Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

Pittsburgh Penguins v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Six Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

*It’s about that time, folks. The sting of an early playoff exit has all but worn off, and we are left to ponder the future. Time to speculate! In that vein, here are some potential free agent targets the Flyers might consider to improve one of their biggest problem areas: forward depth. [BSH]

*Another big question mark heading into next season is the goaltending situation. What are the odds Carter Hart can make the leap directly from juniors to the NHL? [Courier-Post]

*As the Phantoms march into the second round, you will be shocked to learn that Oskar Lindblom and Travis Sanheim are two of the biggest drivers of the team’s success. If only they’d been given that opportunity here, huh? [Flyers]

*Anyhoo, back to the speculation. The Flyers have two picks in the second half of the first round of the upcoming draft. That might make you think, hey, why not turn those two late picks into one early one? Well, that probably isn’t going to happen. Here’s why. [BSH]

*Yesterday we got a look at parts one and two of their forward grades, today we get part three. [NBC Sports Philly]

*And finally, as the Flyers learned the hard way, taking too many penalties in the playoffs isn’t going to get you very far. [Puck Daddy]