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Broad Street Hockey predicts the third round

We’re sorta the experts at this point?

New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Two Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

I’ve spent the last fifteen minutes trying to work out a joke that relates this post being a day late due to Kris Letang forgetting how to defense in overtime against the Capitals, so instead of forcing the joke, let’s just take a moment to laugh at that. And folks, the Penguins will not threepeat and this is good for the universe. Well, we’re back for another round of playoff predictions, and we have another person joining us this round: our newest writer here at BSH, John.

Anywho, let’s take a look at the results from the second round as well as an update in the standings, for our predictions...

As you can see Brad managed to get every team wrong, so a special shoutout to him (but he isn’t in last place though!). Also, THE WASHINGTON CAPITALS BEAT THE PENGUINS IN THE SECOND ROUND. THE. SECOND. ROUND. THEY DID IT. Without further ado, here are our updated standings for this prediction game.

1st place - Kelly (9), Mike (9), Craig (9)

2nd place - Jason (8), Kurt (8), Maddie (8)

3rd place - Kyle (7), Brad (7)

4th place - Joe (6)


NR - Steph (3)

Kelly, Mike and Craig currently hold the title of “The Experts!”, because they’re also in first place. Joe (me), is a loser who sits in last place, as you can see by the results above. Brad did not get a single prediction correct this round manages to sit not in last place, which, well, yeah, that’s an accomplishment. And because I’m the type to make up rules on the spot, Steph is not ranked because she didn’t join us until this round to make predictions (she had some lame excuse like being in the hospital), and putting her in last place isn’t fair.

All of my rambling aside, here are BSH’s predictions for the third round.

Let’s go the ice sport!