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Broad Street Hockey Predicts the Stanley Cup Final

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** insert 1975 joke here **

2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Media Day Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Welcome back to our final round of predictions for the 2018 playoffs! In the Cup Finals we have the Vegas Golden Knights going up against the Washington Capitals, and uh, congratulations to the six people who could have predicted this at the start of the season. Because I must somehow find a way to tie this into the Flyers, we have Former Flyers™ Luca Sbisa and Pierre-Edouard Bellemare gunning for a Cup.

Okay sorry you had to read that last bit.


Onto the results from the third round of predictions!

We had Joe (it me!) and Steph get both Cup Finalists correct, and for that they win the wonderful ability of having bragging rights for this round. And on the other side of the coin we had Kurt and John get both teams wrong, so congrats to them as well. Also, much like the Flyers, John was done in one round. He seemingly gave up after getting both teams wrong, and it’s truly symbolic of the Flyers.

Here is our updated scorecard:

1st place - Kelly (10), Mike (10)

2nd place - Craig (9), Jason (9), Maddie (9)

3rd place - Kurt (8), Kyle (8), Brad (8), Joe (8)

4th place - Steph (5)*

5th place - John (0)**

*Missed first round

**Missed first and second round

And without further ado, here are our Cup Final predictions!

Something additional to tack on here, for this round we’ve also predicted the number of games that we thing the team will win in. For scoring purposes of this game, anyone who guesses the amount of games and the Cup winner will receive a 2x bonus on their points; essentially if the team/games are both correct it’s two points, just the team correct will be one point.

But hey, enough rambling, who do think will win the Cup Final?