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Friday Morning Fly By: Summer stinks

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Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Pittsburgh Penguins at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

*Good news, it’s Friday! Bad news, nothing is happening in the Flyers world right now. Or the hockey world in general, apart from the Sens meltdown. The most exciting bit we have for you is Ron Hextall’s pre-draft media availability, in which he said a whole lot of words but didn’t really reveal a whole lot of substance. [BSH]

*If you read between the lines of his comments, you can suss out a little bit of something, though. Maybe. [Courier-Post]

*There may be nothing happening with the real-life Flyers but let me tell you, the version we’re running in the SB Nation mock NHL entry draft is getting wiiiild. [BSH]

*And after the above wildness, we made another pick in the draft, bringing a very talented Swede into the mix. [BSH]

*Meltzer also has some thoughts about the upcoming draft. [Hockeybuzz]