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Carter Hart has two new masks, and they’re glorious

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One for Philadelphia, and one for Lehigh Valley.

With his illustrious junior hockey career behind him, Carter Hart will be entering his first season of professional hockey in just a few months, and that of course means he’ll be joining a new team. And what comes with a new team? You guessed it, a new mask!

Or, in his case, new masks!

Carter Hart Philadelphia Flyers/Phantoms #bauer#NHL#AHL#art#hockey#jbpaint #tamco

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Carter Hart Philadelphia Flyers #bauer#NHL#philadelphia#art#hockey#jbpaint #tamco

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With two separate masks, featuring both the Flyers and the Phantoms, he’s prepared to join either team, although his goal is to make the Flyers this season.

While his Phantoms mask is more of a straightforward design focusing on the logo, his Flyers mask is full of history. Both sides of the mask feature a statue of George Washington, with the left side of the mask reading, “Freedom Is A Light Which Many Men Have Died In Darkness,” a nod to the Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier that can be found in Washington Square, Philadelphia.

We’ll have to wait and see which mask he starts the season with, but it’ll be a great sight to see him play in orange and black either way.