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Claude Giroux is up for an award and you can vote to help him win

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Ok, it’s his dogs, but it’s also Claude!

2018 GEICO NHL All-Star Skills Competition - Save Streak Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It would appear that the NHL Fan Choice Awards are in full swing, and some guy we know well is up for an award! Alright, fine. It’s not really Claude Giroux that would be getting the award. It would be his dogs, Harvey and Charlie. If you don’t know these dogs, do better, but also get acquainted below.

This is the video that is up for vote, it’s adorable:

Quick jaunt to gramma's for dinner!

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Vote for Claude here, if we have to tolerate a Hart Trophy snub, we are going to win this man some award. Any award. Even if it goes, literally, to the dogs.