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Adidas officially unveils Flyers’ third jersey for 2018-19

The Flyers are “officially” back in black at the Wells Fargo Center for next season.

NHL: Stadium Series-Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In the worst kept secret of recent memory, the Flyers have officially unveiled what their third jersey will look like this season. Well, without numbers and lettering, at least.

The jersey is essentially the Flyers’ 2016-17 Stadium Series jersey from the game against the Penguins at Heinz Field. That overall look was generally pretty well received, though several fans weren’t too keen on the massive lettering and numbers which were necessary due to the nature of the outdoor game and visual reasons. Unfortunately, this short clip doesn’t give any insight to what the lettering and numbers will look like this time around, it’s a solid bet that they won’t be obnoxiously large this time around.

It’s the first time the Flyers are back in black on a semi-regular basis for the first time since 2010 with the likes of Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, Kimmo Timonen, and Claude Giroux roaming around the ice. Those were some fun teams, and the Flyers’ current core looks to be more of the same.

With the Ducks unveiling a faux throwback design of their famed Mighty Ducks jerseys, I was personally hoping the Flyers would go a similar route with their Keith Primeau and Simon Gagne era black jerseys. Heck, even would have liked to see the ridiculous 3D Flyers logo crest return for something different, but that would have given the Flyers two orange jerseys so black was always going to be the way to go here.

Anyways, that’s the third jersey for next season. What’s your favorite Flyers look? Let us know in the comments.

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