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Wednesday Morning Fly By: 18 days is practically two weeks

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

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Brantt Myhres

*You thought it’d be Mike Richards well HA. I said obscure. Brantt Myhers, noted face-puncher, is your throwback for today.

*Meltzer on five road games you won’t want to miss on television this season. [Flyers]

*Apparently, Paul Holmgren has regrets over trading James van Riemsdyk way back in 2012 and is happy that we’re all getting a do-over. []

*We’ve entered the top-3 of our prospect ranking and next up is our favorite top-line winger not named Claude Giroux, Travis Konecny. [BSH]

*Our pals over at The Athletic take a deep-dive into the Swedish prospects in the Flyers’ development system. [The Athletic]

*”According to our algorithm, no team in major pro sports has been more consistently mediocre over the past five seasons than the Flyers...” We did it!!!! [FiveThirtyEight]

*We’ve said it a million times, August is for lists, and the Canadians up at Sportsnet have put together a list of the 100 top NHL players. Presumably for all of us to argue about. Two Flyers appear on the back half. [BSH]

*And here’s the full list of 100-51, to get you all worked up on a Wednesday. [Sportsnet]

*On quality of competition, and why it doesn’t really matter much to the analytics experts anymore. [Vancouver Courier]

*And finally, new BSH Radio! We found so much hockey to talk about in late August that we nearly ran out of time. Enjoy this, we’re off next week for the holiday! [BSH]