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BSH Investigates: Morgan Frost for 3C

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These talks are getting spicy

Zack Hill / Flyers

We’ve officially hit the end of the week, and we’re just about nearing the end of our list! We’ve had a nice run here, but we’re not quite done yet. It’s right about now that we start to talk about probably our most exciting potential 3C, one Morgan Frost.

He’s coming off a strong season with the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, a very strong season, in fact. Here’s a quick little bit of recap:

2017-18 Regular Season Stats

67 42 70 112

Advanced stats lovers, I’m sorry, there are none to be had here because they just aren’t available for us. I hope you forgive me. Hopefully these scoring numbers will ease that blow. They’re very good.

In his draft+1 year, Frost put up 42 goals and 112 points ranking him tied for third in goals and second in points in the OHL

And they give us a nice little positive look, as these can be roughly equated to 13.02 goals and 34.72 points at the NHL level. And, while this isn’t a figure that we can put right in the bank, it is a suggestion of the potential for some depth scoring, something that the Flyers really aren’t in a position to turn down.

And that’s about all for Numbers Time.

You’re really starting to play fast and loose with this template, here.

I’m doing my best, okay?

I have a lot of questions about this one.


Like, the Flyers have been pretty clear that this is kind of a long shot, right? They want him to bulk up more.

That’s true, they did say that. And, to be fair, he did that. We still don’t have the official number of what he weighed in at to start camp, but it’s certainly a good bit more than the 170 pounds he was to start last season.

And to get a little bit more vague with this, he just looks stronger. He’s stronger on the puck and not getting pushed around in open ice nor along the boards. The question still remains how he would hold up against NHL competition here, but he’s taken a big step forward, and that’s not nothing.

Are the Flyers going to see it that way, though? They already made it sound like he’s pretty far away.

I don’t know, dude. It’s not out of the question. We’ll just have to see. What’s your next question?

Does this fit even work? In the earlier articles you talked about how Not Super Fast Wingers Lindblom and Simmonds would benefit from having a center who they can keep up with. And Frost is pretty fast. So how does this work?

Wow, fact checked by the other side of my brain. This is brutal. But yeah, I did talk about that. Matching pace does make a lot of sense, in terms of building a line that will jive well together, and I get how putting Frost with these particular wingers, on paper, might seem a little off. But the interesting thing about his game is that speed is more a tool in the arsenal than a constant piece. Rather, more often he works to slow the game down and control the pace and course of play, and all that speed is just something tapped into when needed. So Lindblom and Simmonds keeping up with him wouldn’t be out of the question.

The flip side would be, then, that adding some speed to that line might not be the worst thing, especially from a matchup standpoint—give them a bit more quickness and it lessens their risk of getting positively thrashed by faster competition. It’s a lot of hypothetical that we’re throwing out here, but it’s a thought experiment, after all, so we’re just looking at some options. But those options don’t look too bad.

And by now we’re all probably getting very excited. I mean, we have been since development camp, when it came out that Frost had put on all that weight, was finally coming up on NHL size, and it really started to look like the Flyers might be running out of excuses for keeping him down. It’s his time, we say! We’re getting antsy!

But Frost can’t exactly say the same, in fact he’s actually quite calm about this prospect. I asked him earlier this week if he’s been staring down that 3C or 4C opening, looking at it as basically his for the taking, anything like that. Not quite, he says, “I try not to think about it too much, I just take it day by day, and just keep the same mindset that I would have had if, you know, there was four [centers already]. I don’t try and look at the roster too much, just, if you’re gonna earn a spot you’re gonna earn it, and [I’m just trying to] do whatever I can to do that.” And, if nothing else, he looks like he’s pushing hard to do just that. He’s looked sharp so far in camp, and while only time will tell how this shakes out, he’s given us a good suggestion that he’s closer to ready than not.