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Flyers make first cuts of preseason

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So long, farewell...

Philadelphia Flyers v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Well, that was fast! After just three days of training camp, the Flyers have announced that they’ve trimmed their roster by four.

They will be sending three prospects—Matthew Strome (OHL, Hamiltom), Maksim Sushko (OHL, Owen Sound), and Wyatte Wylie (WHL, Everett)—back to their respective Canadian junior teams. Additionally, they have removed Liam Hughes from his Amateur Try Out, and he’ll be on his way back to Seattle.

And, in a way, this really isn’t much of a surprise. These are just a handful of players that are farther away from NHL readiness—Strome looked a step behind in the game-play when we saw him (sorry, Kurt), Susko had a decent run, but still needs to do some polishing on his game, and Wylie, in his first camp after being drafted, is far enough down the organizational depth chart that we didn’t really see him contending for the defenseman opening on the Flyers’ opening night roster. The idea is similar with Hughes—he actually did look very solid in his handful of showing, but with the Flyers in the midst of working through a veritable logjam at the goaltender position, they just aren’t in a place where they could bring another into the fold. So he was a pleasant surprise for a camp invite, but that’s just about it. Away he goes. And see you next year, the others.

The Flyers play the second game of their four-in-four at home tonight, and as we roll on through this run, we can reasonably expect that this won’t be the end of the cuts that we see before they hit their day off on Thursday, and next “home” game on Friday. We can feel more happenings coming, pals, and, as always, we’ll keep you all updated when they hit.