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Flyers assign Tyrell Goulbourne and Carsen Twarynski to the Phantoms

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There you have it, the end of the Goulbourne experiment... for now

Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

We talked a bit yesterday about how Tyrell Goulbourne had officially cleared waivers, but hadn’t yet joined the Phantoms. We figured they wanted him as an emergency backup or something and then he got in for one last game last night. So it goes.

Either way, he’s now officially been loaned to the Phantoms, and he’s brought a friend with him! The Flyers have also loaned Carsen Twarynski to the Phantoms.

As we broke down in our earlier piece, Goulbourne’s had something of a quiet camp, relative to some of the bubble players making pushes for spots on the opening night roster, and with the Phantoms’ preseason having started last night, it isn’t much of a surprise that he was sent down before the very end of camp.

Twarynski, on the other hand, was one of our more pleasant surprises, as he put up a very solid camp, showed some flash—gave us a bit of scoring, and a little bit of edge—and worked well to put his name squarely on our radar. It was the numbers game that did him in—coming straight from juniors, he had a good camp, but not one stellar enough to push out any of the veterans and secure himself a spot on the roster. But he gave us a lot to like, and he’ll join the Phantoms to get some of that AHL seasoning, which the Flyers like. So, it’s a win-win? Something like that.

The Flyers’ roster now sits at 31, and with their last game against the Bruins coming tomorrow, we imagine the final cuts are just around the corner. Things are really heating up here, friends! It’s coming down to the wire! Who’s going to make the final roster? We’ll keep you posted.