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Over/unders on a few individual Flyers’ point totals

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Do you agree with these odds?

New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Bovada released their over/unders for individual players’ point totals for the 2018-19 regular season earlier today. Not every player in the league is listed, but there are odds for the bigger name players on each team. Here are the odds they released for the Philadelphia Flyers:

Point Total Over/Unders for 2018-19 season

Player Point Total Over/Under
Player Point Total Over/Under
Claude Giroux 84.5
Jakub Voracek 72.5
Sean Couturier 57.5
James van Riemsdyk 56.5

None of these odds really jump out as being too high or too low. Claude Giroux’s 84.5 feels pretty low considering he finished second in the league with 102 points last season, but it’s hard to say Bovada is underestimating the Orange and Black’s captain when they are still saying he’ll finish around a point per game while playing the entire season. Also, when you consider the fact he set a career high in goals, assists, and points at the NHL level last season (and also shot 17.6 percent), it’s not unreasonable to expect some regression. However, if he plays next to Sean Couturier for the entire season again, there’s a good chance he clears the over.

Over the last five seasons, Jakub Voracek has a pair of campaigns with 81 points or more and three campaigns with 62 points or less. His power-play ice time is consistent, but we don’t know if Voracek will be on the first, second, or third line for most of the season. An over/under of 72.5 for a player who bounces back and forth between 60-point and 80-point seasons while not having a concrete estimation as to how much 5-on-5 ice time he’ll see is fair.

The 2017-18 season was hands down Sean Couturier’s most productive in the NHL. He set his career high in goals by 16 goals, his career high in assists by 17, and his career high in points by 37. It’s easy to say he’ll fall back down to Earth this season, but it’s not a slam dunk he’ll fall below 60 points. His 13.7 shooting percentage last season was the highest in his career, but he had broken 11.2 in two other NHL seasons. Also, considering most of Couturier’s points came from going to the net and waiting for a Giroux pass/cleaning up garbage or setting up Giroux, it looks as though he can bank on several of those goals and assists for the 2018-19 season as well.

As for James van Riemsdyk, he definitely will score enough goals to put him in the range of 56 points, but will he accrue enough assists? In four of the last five seasons, van Riemsdyk has played in 80 games or more. In each of those four seasons, he has scored 27 goals or more, but has only broken 56 points in two of those four campaigns. He didn’t exactly blow past the mark either, as he recorded 61 points in 2013-14, with 30 goals and 31 helpers, and 62 points in 2016-17, with 29 goals and 33 assists.